We are an interdisciplinary research group at University of Westminster addressing open research questions in cognitive computing and computational cognitive sciences. This subject area is often characterised as the AI of the 21st century, has always had blurring distinction with Semantic Computing and its capacity to deal with meaning and contextualised information processing. In contrast with traditional AI, however, Cognitive Computing is embraced by the IT industry as a natural evolution riding the wave towards Smart Machines, as already witnessed by recent technological breakthroughs such as IBM’s Watson question answering machine and Deep Learning for contents analysis and semantic pattern search.
Cognitive Computing is described by the British Computer Society as systems programmed to use algorithms to continually learn from the data fed into them, even using factors such as voice or facial recognition. Cognitive systems are more flexible than traditional computers in the way they process data, coming closer to assisting humans by being able to deal with massive volumes of information much faster than the human brain.

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